Hi, I'm Iman !

An Intellectual Property lawyer. A Malaysian book reviewer.

I wrote 2 books: Aku Mahu Membaca 1000 Tahun Lagi & Dunia Adalah Senakshah Dongeng.

I’m also the co-founder & host for Tentang Buku: a vibrant bookish event where readers & publishers come together to dive deep into the world of marketing, writing, publishing, and legal aspects of the book industry.

As an IP lawyer ,

I help business & brand to protect their trademark, and protecting copyright for author & publisher — because creativity deserves a legal fortress!

As a book lover ,

I do book review & share my rambling (and aesthetic pictures of) books.

Whether you’re a fellow reader or simply curious about the world of Intellectual Property — within my humble blog, may you find the answers you seek.

You can catch up with me on Twitter, Instagram, and through Gmail

Happy reading!